November 7-9, 2014

About Us

The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival is the longest continuous-running women's film festival in North America. It showcases documentary, feature, short and animated films that are thought-provoking and enriching, and that encourage global awareness and personal growth. The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival honors films and filmmakers that present the world as women experience it and that inspire curiosity, educate, entertain, and stimulate conversation.

The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival was the brainchild of Donna Guthrie and Jere Martin. After attending the Telluride Film Festival in 1986, Jere says they were inspired to “create a film festival of our own, centered on women’s stories; whether it was a film about a woman or a film by a woman, with a great passion for some subject.”

The community whole-heartedly embraced the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival and twenty-five years later the festival employs an Executive Director, relies on almost forty volunteers and welcomes over 1,000 people to their 3-day festival each November.

The Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival (RMWFF) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. All donations to RMWFF are generally deductible for federal income tax purposes, except that the fair market value of goods and services received with the donation must often be excluded from the deduction.  RMWFF generally provides information concerning the fair market value of tickets, food and drink, and other goods and services provided to donors in connection with its fundraising activities.

Executive Director

Linda B. Broker

Operations Associate/Technology Specialist

Karen Walldorf

Board of Directors

Michelle Blessing, President

Camille Blakely

Susan Campbell

Hillary Hienton, Vice President

Suzanne Holland

Julie Lawton

Kathleen Ricker

Sharon Stone, Treasurer

Lisa Tessarowicz

Lisa Vincent-Morrison  


Jody Alyn

Heather Carroll

Katy Dunn

Claire Garcia

Betty Lynn Mahaffy

Jere Martin

Helen Upton

Kelly Conner Young

Elizabeth Youngquist


RMWFF Volunteer Corps

Margie Arnold

Sarah Arnold

Michelle Blessing

Jordan Bridwell

Camille Blakely

Tamarinde Doane

Jennifer Doell

Wendy Harms

Mina Kidd

Sue Lowell

Dustin Morgan

Liz Moore

Suellen McAndrews

Stacy Poore

Lisa Sloan

Kathy Stults

Karen To

Kathy VanInwegen

Louise Watson

Susan Wilson

Tommie Wise


Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival Nondiscrimination Policy



The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival (the “RMWFF”) has a philosophy and policy of equal opportunity in employment, business relationships, and festival activities.  Accordingly, RMWFF does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment, business partner (vendors, contractors and consultants), sponsor, participant, or volunteer on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, marital status, age, disability, or veteran or military status. In applying this policy, the RMWFF strives to comply with all applicable federal and state laws.

Disabled individuals who need an accommodation for employment or an application for employment with RMWFF are encouraged to contact the Executive Director to discuss their needs and to request an accommodation. Disabled individuals who may need an accommodation in order to attend a festival event are requested to contact the Executive Director a reasonable time in advance of the event.